• Learn everyday skills with Milleli busy board backpack for toddlers for travel and at home

    Unlock the Joy of Learning

    Explore 20 montessori activities perfect for toddlers

  • Promote cognitive abilities in toddlers with Milleli busy board quiet book

    Promote Independent Play

    Inspires hours of screen-free play based learning

  • Milleli travek toys for toddlers for car and plane trips- keeps kids busy

    Toddler Travel Toy

    The unique backpack design and quiet activities make it a must have toddler travel essential

  • premium non-toxic toys for toddlers- activity backpack with 20 fine motor and learning activities

    Child-Safe Quality Materials

    Crafted for sensory-sensitive children using non-toxic materials and premium felt fabric

Milleli busy board for toddlers- travel toys and gifts for boys and girls

"My First Busy Board"

Embark on a learning adventure wherever you are. Witness the magic of Milleli's award-winning 20-in-1 montessori busy bag as your toddler discovers fine-motor skills, color matching, shapes sorting, phonics, numbers, and more.

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Milleli travel toys for toddlers perfect for car rides, plane trips, church, restaurants and more

Empower Their Journey with Every Step

Milleli travel busy boards turn 'Are we there yet?' into 'Wow, look at this!' keeping toddlers happily occupied with colors, textures, and activities. Now, waits and road trips are a breeze, as your little one gets lost in discovery, ensuring peaceful travels and serene waiting periods.

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Milleli busy board - learning dressing toy for fine motor skills and everyday learning

Make Mastering New Skills A Total Blast

This multifaceted busy board is a developmental powerhouse! It helps toddlers develop fine motor skills and dexterity through exciting hands-on activities.

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See What's Inside

Watch your little one's face light up as they explore the captivating world of our busy board. Our Montessori  busy board offers 20 engaging activities for toddlers. From zippers to alphabets, it fosters practical life skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative thinking. 

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Milleli "My First Busy Board" - Mom's Choice award winning travel toy for toddlers

Loved by kids, approved by parents!

We are honored and thrilled that "My First Busy Board" by Milleli has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®.

Adventure   Awaits

Welcome To Milleli!!

Welcome to our world of boundless imagination and endless possibilities! At Milleli, we're thrilled to introduce you to our latest innovation: the Busy Board Backpack. Designed with your little one in mind, our backpack seamlessly blends playfulness with functionality, making every outing an opportunity for adventure and learning.

Milleli busy board for toddlers for learning fine motor skills, letter, numbers, shapes and colors

Created by parents. Loved by kids

Hi. I'm Maya, founder of Milleli.

In a world where technology often takes over playtime, Milleli, named after our 3 children, aims to celebrate simplicity. Our Busy Boards for toddlers offer a hands-on experience that sparks joy and growth. We used our expertise and parental instinct to create this interactive learning toy for toddlers, and with its travel-friendly design, learning and happiness will follow your little ones wherever they go.

Elevate Playtime

Crafted with premium materials and thoughtful design, our Busy Board Backpack is more than just a bag—it's a gateway to exploration, creativity, and discovery. From vibrant colors to interactive elements, each detail is purposefully chosen to engage your child's senses and ignite their curiosity.

  • Milleli busy board dressing and fine motor skills buckle toy activity backpack

    Explore everyday life skills with Milleli "My First Busy Board"! Packed with 20 activities, it's the perfect tool to teach your toddlers how to conquer dressing, buckling, snapping, buttoning, tying and more. Montessori-inspired, it boosts motor skills, problem-solving, and logical thinking—keeping your child engaged.

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  • AK3A0204.jpg

    The  Milleli busy board is thoughtfully designed with a variety of interactive features that will captivate your child's curiosity and stimulate their senses. Each element is strategically placed to enhance their cognitive development and provide a multi sensory experience.

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5 Star Fun!

  • Laylah


    Our toddler loves it! We bought it for our trip to keep her busy, and it was a hit. Highly recommend it, especially if you plan to travel.

  • Willie


    It has everything to practice her skills and keep her busy, plus she loves to carry it around so one less thing for me to carry.

  • Arthur


    I got this for my 3 year old's birthday a couple of weeks ago. I'm so glad that she enjoys this busy board. It has so many things that she can learn!

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