mom holding her son with trees in the background. the boy is wearing his Milleli travel toy backpack for toddlers with montessori activities

Crafting childhood memories, one journey at a time

Hi there! I'm Maya, proud mama of 3 beautiful children, and founder of Milleli. I've always loved traveling, but traveling with kids? That's a whole new adventure! The pandemic gave me the chance to refocus on what's truly important—family. After the birth of my little boy, every trip turned into a quest to keep the kids entertained. I was overwhelmed and exhausted, often relying on screens to save the day. But I quickly noticed how it affected my kids and our family time.

That's when I had my lightbulb moment and created Milleli, a brand of travel accessories made just for little ones. Homeschooling during COVID and my mom instincts led me to design "My First Busy Board." It’s the perfect travel buddy—portable, with spots for all the little pieces, and best of all, it offers screen-free fun and learning. Now, keeping my third child happily engaged is a breeze, and I love knowing he's having a blast and learning along the way.

milleli family travel toys for toddlers

Behind the name Milleli

Milleli was inspired by my three amazing children - Mila, Alex and Eli - who have always been my source of joy. When I started my entrepreneurial it was clear I would name my first venture Milleli to honored their names and celebrate their spirit.

Milleli is a combination of their names, while also "mille" in French  means "one thousand", a concept which reflects the mission behind Milleli's travel accessories-  to design kids travel accessories to be used over and over again, allowing both parents and children to have a thousand times more fun!

Our first creation -  "My first Busy Board" - does just that.

A Montessori travel toy for toddlers that can be used over and over again. It's the perfect activity to keep kids entertained while traveling or at home and spark their imaginations, as they explore, learn and create with the variety of textures, shapes and features available.