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Q- What makes Milleli busy board a montessori toy?

The Milleli Busy Board is a great Montessori toy for helping kids develop their skills in a fun and relaxed way. It encourages learning through experimentation, with each page focusing on one skill at a time, providing your little one with the opportunity to focus on one task without being overwhelmed.

Q- What ages is the Milleli Busy Board suitable for?

While 1 year old toddlers will enjoy the colorful graphics and sensory exploration, older children of ages 2+ will benefit from the cognitive advantages and interactive activities.

Q- What if my child is too young for the advanced motor-skills activities?

Don’t worry if your child doesn't master a new skill in one or two tries. It took them a while to learn to walk - and look at them now - running around your house! With time and repetition, you'll be amazed by the progress your child makes.

Q- Is Milleli Busy Board Suitable For Sensory Sensitive Kids?

The Milleli busy board is a fantastic sensory toy and learning tool for children to develop their skills in a fun and relaxed way. The soft and tough components offer a tactile experience, while the quiet parts cater to autistic and sensory-sensitive kids.

Q- What makes the Milleli Busy Board the perfect gift for toddlers?

At Milleli, we understand parents' desire for the best for their children. That's why we create products that support vital milestones while providing entertainment.

✓ Quality and Durability: Crafted with premium materials for lasting enjoyment.

✓ Educational Value: Stimulate cognitive development, motor skills, problem-solving, and creativity.

✓ Safety First: Exceed safety standards for peace of mind.

✓ Imagination Unleashed: Encourage exploration, creation, and dreaming.

✓ Screen Free. Guilt Free: Discovering new ways to learn while enjoying real play.